Sean P. Pratt


Terrorism is the threat or actual use of violence and force by a terrorist organization or individual terrorist against the population or property of a nation to influence the controlling power of that nation for religious, political or ideological reasons.  

I was listening to a speech by Noam Chomsky in which he stated, shortly after 9/11, that terrorism isn't new, but the direction that the guns are pointed is. This is mostly true. I say mostly because America has experienced terrorism throughout her history; both directed at and directed from. When you examine the historical record it leaves certain inconsistencies in the official stance of the Bush Administration and our military. Let's take a look at a few significant ones;      

The bombing of the Alfred P Murrah Federal building was pinned on Timothy Mc Veigh. He confessed and mainstream America believe that he and Terry Nichols were the sole conspirators. There is a school of thought that puts forth the thesis that the two perpetrators were covering up a larger conspiracy tied to Middle East terror groups. While this may be true, the basic fact is that the bombing was a terrorist attack executed on American soil against American interests. So 9/11 was not the first strike against America on American soil (sorry Noam). But perhaps I am splitting hairs here.

Then again, when one looks at the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing one cannot ignore the blatant fact that we have been attacked already. What differs between the 1993 attack and the 2001 attack? For one, the 1993 attack was declared as and treated as a criminal act, which it was. The perpetrators were apprehended and justice was served. In 2001, Bush declared war. And the evidence was destroyed, a lot of inconsistencies were covered up and no true investigation was done. Unless you think the modern day Warren Commission AKA the 9/11 Commission did their job and no more should be said on the subject. For me, 9/11 was a crime and the cover up of that crime was an offense far worse than the actual terrorist attack. And one last point, for all those people who claim that George W Bush has kept us safe since 9/11; there was an 8 year span between the first WTC bombing and the next attack.

September 11, 2001 brought America to a screeching halt. This was an effective and brutal attack on our soil. Instantly we knew it was Islamic extremists who sought to radically change our culture to one of a strict theocracy. Americans were shocked and appalled, and rightfully so. But violence caused by religious extremists is not new to America. The Puritans exacted very harsh treatments to those colonists who did not abide by their God-fearing rules. The witch trials of Salem and other situations displayed a dangerous, yet pathetic hysteria surrounding the fear of subversive behavior. But the worst may be the bombings of abortion clinics and the killing of their doctors. Religious zealots dehumanize their victims when they believe that the doctor or the female getting an abortion is sinning and must be punished. Zealots believe that they will be rewarded for doing God's work. Sound familiar? The 9/11 terrorists had the same belief.

Nativism has played a central, yet devastating role in American culture.  There are groups that people consider to be benign but have a very secretive and evil existence, such as the Knights of Columbus. Although they did push for equality early on, consider the name they chose for their fraternal organization.  Better still, consider the money they donate to anti-LGBTQ candidates.  As the Equal Rights movements pushed forward, very radical groups did emerge to try and dominate American culture and keep it white controlled and polarized.  The John Birch Society is one Group among many.  There are also Anti-Government, Militia, and Sovereign Citizen Groups that sprang up in large numbers while Obama was president. Those groups are only the tip of the iceberg when you consider how many spliter groups and lone-wolfs have been radicalized by the Internet sites of the groups listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center website (or the FBI website if you feel the SPLC is too biased). All of these disparate groups and lone-wolfs are falling under the main category of White Nationalists, who do not stop at race to focus their anger on.

I can go on and on about terrorist activities committed by America and her citizens. The basic fact is that now the guns are pointed at us. But it is the guns of Corporate America. It is the guns of the Military Industrial Complex. It is the guns of the Pentagon and the White House. America is changing into a softer version of a fascist state (think of George Orwell's 1984). A state controlled by banks and investors. A state where individual liberty pales in comparison to the liberty of capital.