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This is my personal blog.  Here I will discuss personal insights and opinions about everything, including politics, religion, economics, society, humanity, and even my personal life.  If it is posted here you are welcome to read it.  Feel free to leave a comment, but do mind your manners.

Lack of Blog Entries

Allow me to apologize for my lack of blog input here.  I recently found out that I was using a very outdated version of the web builder tool.  This tool is very buggy as of late.  When I called my service provider to discuss the issues, I was having they informed about the new web builder tool.


Good News and Bad News

The Good News:

The renewal for my website is up next week.  I have been waiting this out so I can order the new snazzier web builder tool, which is a major upgrade to the clunker I have been using (and paying for). 


The Bad News:

The new hosting services are on a different server.  I will have to rebuild my website from scratch, move all my files over to the new server, and pay to keep the old service in place (on a monthly basis) until I finish this new project to upgrade my website (it is cool but it will be also be a lot of work).

Cost to me: The new hosting service is cheaper and to keep the old service up is 15.99 per month and I can cancel when my project is over.

Okay, this is not really bad news.

In short, I will start blogging more soon enough.  Better still, you will get a new web site from me as well.


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