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This is my personal blog.  Here I will discuss personal insights and opinions about everything, including politics, religion, economics, society, humanity, and even my personal life.  If it is posted here you are welcome to read it.  Feel free to leave a comment, but do mind your manners.

Lack of Blog Entries

Allow me to apologize for my lack of blog input here.  I recently found out that I was using a very outdated version of the web builder tool.  This tool is very buggy as of late.  When I called my service provider to discuss the issues, I was having they informed about the new web builder tool.


Good News and Bad News

The Good News:

The renewal for my website is up next week.  I have been waiting this out so I can order the new snazzier web builder tool, which is a major upgrade to the clunker I have been using (and paying for). 


The Bad News:

The new hosting services are on a different server.  I will have to rebuild my website from scratch, move all my files over to the new server, and pay to keep the old service in place (on a monthly basis) until I finish this new project to upgrade my website (it is cool but it will be also be a lot of work).

Cost to me: The new hosting service is cheaper and to keep the old service up is 15.99 per month and I can cancel when my project is over.

Okay, this is not really bad news.

In short, I will start blogging more soon enough.  Better still, you will get a new web site from me as well.


Just a rant

On Sunday mornings I watch the political shows.  It is both the highlight of my week and a source of a major energy boost.  I do get excited, whether I agree or disagree with the pundits and politicians.  Either way I am filled with energy and usually at the end of the Meet the Press my wife will suggest we go shopping.  By the time I get home I am wiped out and ready to crash.  Basically, these shows are like feeding candy to a little kid and shopping is the equivalent of letting that same wired kid punch himself out.


These shows are not my wife’s cup of tea.  She has opinions but doesn’t feel comfortable talking politics.  I will say that she has come out more in the past few years and has on occasion sat with me to watch the Sunday Morning Shows.  This weekend was one of those occasions.  This weekend was also the time when Kelly Ann Conway was interviewed by Chris Wallace.  That was a difficult one to watch for both of us.


Kelly Ann Conway avoids the questions that she doesn’t like, she lies, and she misdirects with Obama and Clinton “what aboutisms” to deflect what Trump has done.  I literally exclaimed “That’s rich” three different times at some of the things she said.  I find it appalling that she is not bothered by Trump’s sexism and misogyny while talking about Bloomberg (literally stating “in this age of the Me Too movement”).  My wife was pissed at Conway as well.


When it comes to having trusted sources of information, things have become real fucked up.  So much so that we may not be able to un-fuck the situation.  Our president weighs in on everything over Twitter, including calling his real (and perceived) enemies names like an emotionally immature teen.  This is Goebbels wet dream come true.  We fight amongst ourselves because we cannot agree on what is factual and what is fake.  Meanwhile Russia just keeps pouring gasoline right onto that fire.  Then Kelly Ann Conway and the FoxNews maggots crawl out of the burning embers to blame Progressives, Democrats, non-Christians, the LGBTQ, immigrants, people of color, women, and anyone who doesn’t Sieg Heil! Trump’s lies about achievements.  And Trump bellows above them all, unmoved by facts, unable to change his mind, unwilling to admit faults, and unable to stop himself from Tweeting his diatribes.


This has made open dialogue very difficult with people who love what Trump says and does.  They are very angry, very abusive, and very butt hurt because they have been told that their racism, their conspiracy theories, and their clinging to antiquated economic views were wrong (and still are).


What can we do?


I am very disillusioned by the social media outlets and have turned back here, to my website to express my insights, my opinions, and my have a voice.  I implore you all to join me here, or in your own spaces.  We can un-fuck this if we all work together.  That is my hope and that is what I will strive for.


This post is basically a rant.  I am frustrated and I just needed to let it out.  However, I will strive to be more constructive in my future posts.  For now, sleep well because tomorrow will be a new day to conquer.


Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, a made up Hallmark holiday created to push citizens to spend their money needlessly.

Do I sound like a cynical asshole? Yes.  Am I one hundred percent on the money? Also yes.

Valentine's Day is a day to let that special someone in your life (specifically a spouse or someone you are dating) know that you love them by lavishing them with gifts and a night out.  And I did buy my wife a very nice necklace and we did go out for dinner.

However, I dislike Valentine's Day for what it represents.  If you need a national holiday to remind you to let that special someone in your life know that you love them, then shame on you.  

My wife and I have been together for 27 years.  I tell her I love her every single day.  She is the only one I want to see when I wake up. She is the only one I want next to me when I go to bed. She brings calm to my restless mind and I feel special when I make her smile.  I don't need an excuse for buying her gifts.  I buy her whatever she needs and a lot of what she wants all the time.

And don't get me started on blood diamonds and the shame that every woman should feel for wanting diamond jewelry.

Thankfully, my wife understands me and agrees with my ideas about that topic.  She does like jewelry and on rare occasions, I buy her something nice (like yesterday).

My wife got hurt at work. She has been in incredible pain for weeks now.  She is going to physical therapy and is out on disability.  She feels terrible about this.  She told me she feels useless and has felt guilty for me having to take over so much around the house; things that we either do together or that she just takes of on her own.  Even bagging groceries when we go shopping, and helping to carry those bags in the house are now off limits for her.

Thus, I wanted her to feel special and I took advantage of Valentine's Day.  Why am I telling you all of this? My point is to cherish your love one every day because they will not always be around.  Be aware of how they feel and make sure they know that they are all you want out of life.

And I do love you Kathy, with all of my heart.

By the way, if you are curious about the real St. Valentine, checkout this web page.  It isn't the entire history but it is a good starting point.

Just remember that all you need is love.

Peace Out

Hello world!

This is my first blog post.  I have grown weary of the whole social media thing.  To be quite frank, social media has made me lazy as far as writing goes.  I need to get back to writing and sharing my thoughts coherently and without distractions or nefarious feed algorithms. 

Anyhow, welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy it.