Sean P. Pratt

Marriage Protection Amendment 

Once again, the Senate has rejected a Constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage. Thank goodness for common sense and compassion. As Americans, we should always enforce equal rights for every citizen. I say should because as a nation we have not done a very good job of protecting equality. Issues like same-sex marriage divide our country ideologically, which is being used as a manipulative political tool during an election year.

 “We’re not going to stop until marriage between a man and a woman is protected,” said Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kansas (now Gov. of Kansas). My question is this, how does same-sex marriage jeopardize the traditional matrimony between man and woman? The answer is that it does not. In fact, the actions of heterosexuals have done more damage to the institute of marriage than any gay couple ever could. It is far too easy to get married and even easier to get divorced. There simply is no evidence to prove that same-sex marriage will adversely affect the institute of marriage.

Yet, it is the lack of evidence that is the argument used against homosexuals by proponents of
H.J.Res.106, the Marriage Protection Amendment. The consensus in the gay community is that homosexuality is inherent: One is either born gay or straight. I knew when I was six years old that I liked women. My heterosexual predilection was apparent then and has not changed, even though I have a number of gay friends. We are not talking about a contagious disease or a perversion. This is all about human nature. However, there is no scientific evidence that homosexuality is inherent or learned. For that reason, proponents of H.J.Res.106 will never accept that argument.

Ironically, those same people cling to theories that homosexuality is a sin or a perversion, and therefore a choice one makes. Far from scientific proof, these notions originated in the Bible and other religious texts. Because prejudice and religion are both emotion-based, reason is usually misconstrued to fit either rationale instead of the other way around. The actions and writings of the Puritans can evidence this.

When one addresses the argument that homosexuality is inherent, opponents become downright angry. This is because the bigoted views expressed in Leviticus, and espoused by many pastors and priests, would contradict the truth. The social impact of such a revelation could be devastating. But that is hardly an excuse to perpetuate hatred and discrimination. The truth shall set you free.

I contacted the office of Senator Brownback to ask some questions about discrimination and marriage. I wanted to know if the Senator feels that any group of American citizens should be regulated to second-class citizenry with a separate set of laws. The response I got from a nice lady who was an assistant publicist was no, the Senator does not support discrimination, even against homosexuals. But H.J.Res.106 is in fact bigotry. When I pointed out the hypocrisy between the Senator’s views on equality and the proposed amendment, the publicist had an explanation for that.

“The amendment is not discriminatory because homosexuals are free to marry anyone of the opposite sex.” That is nice, but homosexuals do not want to marry anyone of the opposite sex. The basic precept of homosexuality is attraction to people of the same-sex. Therefore, the missing component in H.J.Res.106 is the most important element of marriage; love. We as a nation are not free to love anyone whom we want. That assistant also stated that there are already laws that prohibit people from marrying their parents. Those laws exist because of the inevitable genetic disorders that any offspring from incestuous relations will bear. Homosexuality cannot be painted with the same brush as incest or pedophilia.

Apparently this argument goes beyond protecting traditional marriages from the bogeymen of equality. The assistant publicist stated that Massachusetts is forcing the Catholic Church to act against their beliefs. She is referring to the Catholic adoption agency’s refusal to place children in same-sex households. Apparently, the church should have the right to refuse placement because of a bigoted view of  homosexuality. She stated that the safety of children was the real issue. Pedophilia and homosexuality are two separate issues, and the Catholic Church has no room to point fingers at any group and proclaim them as child molesters. Pedophilia is illegal and immoral because these people prey on and manipulate children for sexual gratification. This infliction has also been proven to be an uncontrollable compulsion, akin to serial killings. Legally, homosexuality is between consenting adults, much like heterosexuality. Fortunately, Massachusetts is a state of reason and the letter of the law mandates that discrimination will not be tolerated.

This was not meant to be a hate-fest against Catholicism, Christianity, or Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas. My purpose was to remind people that homosexuals are people like you and I. They love, hate, cry, and bleed as we all do. Not only that but they are Americans. We all have someone in our family, community, and workplace who is gay. Because of all those reasons we must protect the freedom and equality of all men, women, and children. Homosexuality is not a disease eroding America.

Hatred and Violence are the cancer. Compassion and intelligence are the cure.