Sean P. Pratt

 Intercerebral Invocations

Eyes detect serpent tongue faces

Fingers feel soft open traces

Rain soaked rabbits devour gardens

Inhuman pain sets and hardens

Insane crystal, rosebush sting

Poison sinks

Angels sing

Wishful judgement cries...




My mask is shed as I grow

Like a snake leaves his skin

Beneath my breath

I ask the stream

To flower the seed within

Liquefy my lust for flesh

Personify my maddening mesh....

Of words

Of worlds

Of the silly young elf

Of spirits in my self

The sun is laughing

Sardonic moon

State of mind

Exploding mine

Machinegun line 



From inner walls

Of solar balls

Flows the sound of death

Within this sphere

Darkness feared

Cold cleansing hole of breath


To water, I can see the sky

To stars, I see the fish

To algae, I see your planets

To hell with all I wish



Skin burns from your arms

Leaving only bones of red

Still you grip the airplane's wheel

Like endless termites gnawing your head

What is it all about?

Lives, love, death, hate?

Feel it cover you

With your hands tied to growling dogs

Head swimming faster and faster


Moon, you smile an ebb

of eerie caressing soul

Swallowing softly the mist

Stars sting the nights' voice

Thorns of sight


As I sit giving into deep dark fears

I see my life through salty tears

Walls breathe, designs spin

Cool breeze

Dead leaves,

flutter freely

Chanting Indian chief

Mushroom celebrations

Sabbath of the night