Sean P. Pratt

I Am Very Much Alone

I am very much alone

No matter who is home

Friends and family gather round

While shivering drizzle fills the ground

Windy wisps of misty tears

Fleck my window’s taunting jeers


Swirling laughter I conduct

Through symphonies of comic pluck

My guests enjoy the revelry

My wretchedness they fail to see

So to this act the part I play

Until my darlings go away


My house is quiet¬–calm–serene

Darkness seals my soul obscene

My loved ones melt into their dreams

My mind is filled with miserable fiends

I should retire and hold my wife

But I’m too filled with nervous strife


I pace the room, my search compelled

Yet nothing sates, madness impelled

The fiend Seppuku tempts my heart

And begs the pain of life depart

I’m ever tempted to embrace

Death’s angelic smiling face


Misty dawn now breaks the spell

Of nighttime’s bitter darkness swell

Yawning kids now fill my view

Joyous heart aches all anew

Until the darkness returns again

To tempt my heart to mortal sin