Sean P. Pratt

End Columbus Day

(originally Posted to Facebook on 07-Oct-2012)


Tomorrow is Columbus Day. This is not a real holiday. Historians have proven how the official story is fraught with errors, unknowns, and lies.


Columbus Day has been used to push bigoted nativist policies and class wars. The Pledge of Allegiance is a by-product of nativism and the Columbus Day "celebrations". As I have explained before, and as history and our current attitudes demonstrate, the Pledge of Allegiance has been the catalyst for violence against anyone who is deemed un-American.

That label has been used to describe socialists, liberals, hippies, dissenters, subversives, atheists, Muslims, and anyone of color. To be American in the eyes of many is to be white, Christian, and a conformist. Tow that line people or face the wrath of the mob.


American history is replete with bigotry, hatred, bloodshed, greed, and tyranny. The massacre at Sand Creek is just one example of many where the US Army slaughtered innocent women, children, and elderly. Why? A God that they did not truly believe in granted some white capitalists providence over the land and people. This sense of entitlement has not faded with history and has indeed increased since then. I know because I have heard the arguments about history being written by the victors, white guilt, and other such bull shit.


If we actually taught our children the truth rather than leaving history open for interpretation, we could move towards healing the wounds we have created. We could then evolve as a species. However, you have the Sarah Palins, the Glenn Becks, and all the other liars and historical revisionists who seek to further poison our minds and souls. We cannot pretend to be the greatest nation on earth if we lie about who we truly are. Nor can we take the moral high ground when we discuss social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage when we refuse to acknowledge that we enslaved and murdered millions of people in order to create a society in which we continue to murder and enslave (now billions of people) on a global basis.


I say fuck Christopher Columbus. Fuck the Pledge of Allegiance. Fuck John Wayne. Fuck Ronald Reagan. These are all determents to the values that I was taught about America.

Are all people created equal and deserve the same opportunities, respect, and liberty as every other person? Do you truly believe that? If so, then you understand the values that I speak of. The problem is that this is not how we treat each other. This is not how our society works. If you wave a flag, pledge your allegiance, say things like "One Nation Under God" or "God Bless America", if you say you support the troops but are willing to cut social programs that help them, if you believe in capital punishment, if you hate anyone because of their religious or political are un-American. You are a hypocrite. You are also a big part of the problem.

I know some of you may think I hate people for what they believe, but I do not. I hate people who have proven they are assholes, in word and deed. I hate religion, but not religious followers. See, I too can hate the sin and not the sinner. Yet, here is the difference: I am not trying to force Christians to be deprogrammed just because I see the truth about religion and faith. Where as Christians will gladly cause psychological damage to homosexuals for the crime of being born gay. Homosexuality is NOT a choice. It is not so you can stop making claims that it is a choice when you have zero evidence to support that belief.

Fuck Columbus Day. It is just another day. Columbus is the symbol of our nativist bigotry, our murderous attitudes, our evil past, and our wayward present.