Sean P. Pratt

A Sister’s Soliloquy

The temptation was too strong
A magnetic force which controlled my body...
My very soul
Chocolate to any five-year-old is at the very least
But this went beyond craving, for I lived for the

"Reese’s Peanut Buttercup"
Within my mommy's freezer it sat
Calling me, like an angel beckoning the dead

It's faint voice shivering with the coldness of Hell

I had to help it

It was the only humane thing to do

I had to save it by warming it in my belly

So there I was devouring my only true love

That's when I heard that voice

A voice that invokes love and pain

The voice of my big brother Sean

The owner of the Reese’s

I thought he would be angry with me for eating his candy

But all he did was laugh

It was then, to my horror that I learned

The awful truth

He had put it in the freezer to preserve it

To the store it must be returned

For when he had initially bought it...

He found ‘twas home to a worm

This is a true story.  Many years ago, when my sister was very little, I had bought myself a Reese's Peanut Butter cup.  I purchased it at Cavicchi's, a local family owned store.  When I opened the candy bar I found a very large white worm on it.  I immediately placed it in my freezer so I could present the offending vermin to the store clerk the next day.  When I went to retrieve the candy from the freezer it was gone.  I asked everyone if they saw my candy bar.  My sister sheepishly admitted that she ate it.  I laughed right at her and told her about the worm.
Years later she had to write a poem for school about a real life experience.  She chose this very subject and asked me to read her work.  Puffing my chest out I told her, "this is how you write a poem" and proceeded to write the saga above.  We all had a big laugh when I read it out loud and it became a family jewel ever since.