Sean Pratt's Biography 

.: Introduction


This is the Sean P. Pratt biographical details page. Here you can learn a little about who I am and the thought process behind everything I do and say. I will be divulging personal information here. However, you will have to wait for the book to get the real juicy details about me. The book will be titled Heaven’s Tears, which is a line from a poem I wrote while attending a yoga workshop.
This page is for readers, critics and fans of my writing and political discourses.

.: Biographical Details


"It was never easy for me." I love the Jerk with Steve Martin. That line always makes me laugh. I was however, born a Navy Brat in the Naval Medical Center in San Diego CA. I spent the formative years of my life bouncing between San Diego CA, Virginia Beach VA, and Whitman MA. My memories of that period were generally good. Flying between states was always fun. My uncle once drove us from California to Virginia. He had the quintessential hippie truck with the half moon window in the back. We slept in the desert, saw people of all variations, and heard every Cheech & Chong 8-track available at that time.

My father suffered a nervous breakdown after his last return from the Vietnam War. He was on the USS Oriskany when it caught fire, which has maintained a negative impact on our family to this day. My grandfather died when I finished the first grade, which impelled my father to move us to his hometown of Whitman MA. It was in Whitman that I matured (relatively) until I reached my 18th birthday and moved out with my new bride.


Those years in Whitman impacted my life deeply. The environment I was exposed to as a youth in California and Virginia was idyllic. People were nice; I did not have any enemies nor understood the concept at that time. Whitman was a suburban jungle. Several kids played sports. Their aggressiveness ran amok on and off the field. I was much smaller than everyone else and not a very good fighter. Yet, I was equipped with lightening fast acerbic wit. My mouth wrote a lot of checks my butt could not cash.


More to follow (or just wait for the book).

.: Why I Write


I am a fortunate man. I am blessed with a beautiful family. Although raising children is in the words of Charles Dickens in his book A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” I am also endowed with talents that have been shining lights in my darkest hours of gloom. I am a writer first and foremost. I have a large heart and a sensitive soul. These are both a blessing and a curse as one can imagine. Although I have a punk-edged undertone of angst, I am very much a peace and love type of person.

Since I could speak I have always been highly imaginative. I spun wondrous yarns, played Shakespearean games, and drew everything that unfurled before my mind’s eye. These talents flowed into and through my poetry as I struggled through my teenage years. Although I enjoyed writing and exhibited strong chops, I lacked the confidence to pursue serious writing.


One day, when I was in my twenties, the newspaper had a flyer for the local high school. They were offering adult classes. I perused the programs and found Creative Writing. Call it fate, destiny or pure dumb luck, but I took that writing lab and realized my talents as a novelist. When I eventually returned to school I discovered yet another aspect of my skills…political essays. As a “go with the flow” kind of guy, I bounce around creatively between poetry, novels, and social commentary. I will share these works with you here.