Sean P. Pratt

This article is my response to 5 Conspiracy Theories That Came True posted by Truth Theory on 15-Feb-2013, the author is uncredited.  Please take some time to check out their website out.

People accuse me of pushing a conspiracy theory whenever I talk about 9/11.


However, Operation Northwoods was also believed to be a lie, until it was proven true. These types of operations are usually conducted in other countries without any regard for human life.  I am not claiming that our government committed the terrorist activities on 9/11. Nonetheless, I do believe that upper echelons of our government, intelligence community, and military were in collusion with Saudi and Egyptian military agencies to conduct the operation.


Look at the evidence:

  • Two planes hit two towers.
  • Three towers fell, all symmetrically as if by controlled demolition.
  • Zero fighter jets intercepted any of the planes until after the Pentagon was hit - and that violates standard operating procedures for planes that lose communication or fly off course.
  • No physical evidence exists because it was immediately destroyed.


There is a lot of damning evidence.


If this were treated like a crime, the first suspect would be the person or persons who benefitted from the attack.  Who benefitted?

  • The Intelligence agencies such as the CIA and NSA
  • American and International Military contractors
  • Law enforcement
  • KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton


It is important to note that Dick Cheney was the CEO of Halliburton until 2000, when he resigned to become vice president.  This is important because KBR and Halliburton have no-bid contracts that elevated Dick Cheney’s holdings in the company…holdings he still has.  If you do not see the conflict of interest here, you are willfully blind.


To this day civil liberties are still violated by American fascists like the TSA and the FBI.


I am not even sure that there is such a thing as al Qaeda. I think that is a false entity used to give a face to a shadow enemy. Whenever the government wants to do something fucked up, like torture or assassinate people, they only have to claim that the person was an al Qaeda operative.


Think long and hard about it. Conspiracy theories are not all fantasy. Some are based on truths (like the Illuminati) and others are truths like those highlighted in the linked article (5 Conspiracy Theories That Came True).


We were lied to on 9/11. Our government was in collusion with the enemies who pretend to be allies in the murder of innocent Americans in order to gain power. Those involved did gain power and wealth. Our Constitution is mostly meaningless now. The world has changed my friends.


I may have the freedom to say these things here because it is ineffectual. If I tried to push for legal actions against the government and gained any success we would see how quickly, that freedom and/or my life would be extinguished.